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#Global Point NY



With over 10 years experience in the design and digital realm, we’re pleased to release the first series of the GLOBAL POINT NY WHITEPAPERS. This season we’re focused on Fashion — with comprehensive reports that give an in-depth insight into trends, case studies, tips and statistics in fashion marketing online.

Each Whitepaper focuses on a specific area of the industry, from Model and Casting agencies, hair, makeup and fashion stylists to independent designers and smaller brands. There’s a whitepaper for everybody. Enjoy!

Mr Porter’s Mobile Augmented Reality

While every retail store and fashion magazine are racing towards digital platforms, the already established e-commerce stores are quickly planning their next steps into the future. 

Last year, internet shoppers were dazzled when stores like Banana Flame offered a Virtual Dressing room that allowed customers to try on, via their webcam, an outfit before making a final decision.  Innovative shops also took advantage of newly trending QR codes and Flash Sales to boost traffic. 

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Love and Pintrest


Pintrest is currently the belle du jour of the internet, with breathless write ups in Adweek, The NY Times and even Bridal mecca “The Knot”.

We’ve been using Pintrest for awhile and internally dubbed it as a clever combination of Tumblr and Scrapbooking online. At GPNY we use it less as a social platform and more as a reference tool (mood boards for clients, visual inspiration boards for the team and an archive of all office culture related).

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day each team member created a board themed on the concept of Love. See them all below.

Diane Cheadle, Vice President

Samantha Edwards, Creative Director

 Zach Lepine, Junior Designer

En Tsao, Designer

Robbie Edwards, Digital Developer

Ryan Lemere, Creative Specialist

Aaron Edwards, New Business



2012 is without a doubt one of the most newsworthy years already. In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 months — it’s Election Year. 
As the champion of “change” President Obama has had 4 years of turbulence and the youth he inspired in 2008, have become disenchanted.
Ricky, our youngest intern started an intense debate in the office last week as we discussed Obama’s tumblr. “Awesome social media presence aside…what has he really done?”. We Googled a variety of search terms including “Obama Action” and “What has Obama done?”. We came up short trying find out about all of the actions (or lack of) he has taken throughout his presidency.Which is why we decided to create our own, so not to flout the terms and conditions of Facebook (and harassed by the team) Ricky offered up his profile.


Facebook Timeline has completely changed how we view history, what was once written can now be visualized.” says Samantha Edwards, Creative Director, “We combined hard facts about what he has done with links to stories from real people, news articles and random yet related content from the internet (my favorite has to be the Obama door kicking gif).”



Ryan Lemere, Creative Specialist, conducted a lot of the research and can now attest to knowing a lot more about Obama’s presidency than most people. ” We definitely did not want this to be biased. We wanted to show everything, from a neutral perspective,” says Ryan.


En Tsao, Junior Designer pinned Obama’s travels and researched user-generated content to contribute to the diverse reactions from the hard facts. “We’re hoping that in the days to come – our friends will also contribute their articles to the timeline, and of course we’ll keep adding our thoughts imagery etc right up until Election night”.


Zach Lepine, Junior Designer created the “Hard Fact” info-graphics featured on the Timeline. “Designing these info-graphics provided me with an opportunity to explore the question, “What has he done?” in a way that I hadn’t before. Combining the entirety of his presidency into one page brings the last four years into perspective. The good, the bad, the things we’d rather forget. As someone who will be voting in the coming election, it provides a fair and even portrayal of his presidency. The concept behind the info-graphics were to convey the facts or events in a clear and concise manner, while designing something visually smart and engaging.”


With the launch and availability of timeline, Facebook has given way to even more greater creative profile ideas. The Obama timeline is a profile set-apart from the rest which let’s you easily view a visual timeline of his presidency and major milestones and also gives “everyone” a chance to interact and comment on notable timeline entries. Posting to Timeline and reorganizing content was relatively simple, Facebook have really fine-tuned Timeline to perfection, however there were some glitches.
"Auto photo cropping is something left to be desired at times, cropping your photos in an awkward fashion and forcing the viewer to click on the photo to completely understand what they are looking at. Perhaps Facebook will allow the users to choose how the photo’s are cropped, much like you do already for your profile photo. This would give you ultimate creative control over your timeline." says Robbie Edwards, Digital Director.
See Ricky’s Obama Timeline for yourself, add him as a friend to interact and add info to the Timeline. And of course let us know what you think!